Our Company

"We are passionate about providing the most Bad Ass Band Saws on the planet."

100% American Made

Founded On Innovation

Founded with an unyielding commitment to precision and innovation, Bad Ass Band Saws emerged from a passion to revolutionize the industrial band saw market. Since our inception, we've combined state-of-the-art engineering with unwavering craftsmanship to deliver powerful, reliable band saws for the most demanding applications. At Bad Ass Band Saws, we don't just build band saws; we build trust, durability, and a legacy of excellence.

Our Process

Family-Owned, Industry-Driven

Rooted in family values and handed down through generations, Bad Ass Band Saws couples a cherished tradition of craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge technology. Our heritage fuels our commitment to produce industry-leading band saws, ensuring that every piece we engineer showcases both our familial pride and innovative prowess. At Bad Ass Band Saws, we're not just family-owned—we're a harmonious blend of age-old dedication and modern-day advancement."

Our Bad Ass Founder

Richard Rose

Mr. Rose began has a long history of repairing and manufacturing industrial band saws dating back to 1981. Immediately after his father ‘Howard Bud Rose” passed away, Mr. Rose decided to carry on the legacy his father had already developed in the field of development and distribution of industrial band saws. Mr. Rose has worked diligently to study how all band saw manufacturers design and build their band saws. Through 40 years of continuous iterative research and development, Mr. Rose has created some of the most productive and imaginative designs available anywhere in the world while securing patents on his designs. He now devotes all his time and creativity towards the goal of manufacturing the most productive and reliable band saws in the world.

Over 125,000 Square Feet of Bad Ass Manufacturing

Spanning over 125,000 square feet, the Bad Ass Band Saws facility stands as a monument to in-house excellence and advanced manufacturing. Every inch of our space is optimized for the meticulous crafting, assembling, and testing of our top-tier band saws. It's not just a facility—it's the heart of where innovation meets craftsmanship, ensuring that our products are genuinely 'Bad Ass' from conception to completion.